On the //build/ conference that started yesterday in San Francisco, it was announced that Visual Studio 2013 Preview had been made available. These are a couple of nice features that I think will make their way into my daily use once I start working with the upcoming Visual Studio version.


This is a really nice one:


Just above a method or type declaration you will see the small text “n references”. Clicking that text will bring up a list of places in the code that use the type or method in question. Selecting an item and double-clicking (or pressing <ENTER>) will take you there. Depending on your environment there will be other indicators as well, related to unit tests, source control and similar.

Peek definition

With the input caret placed pretty much anywhere in the code, by pressing <ALT>+<F12> (or right-click and select “Peek definition” in the context menu), Visual Studio will inject a temporary view of the code that defines the element under the caret.


The injected view is a “preview view” of the kind that was introduced in Visual Studio 2012. It will remain visible until closed, or until you peek another definition. When you do that, the previous peek view will disappear and a new one is injected into the code editor view. I very much like how this enables me to get some insight about the code element without needing to navigate away from where I am currently working, and that I can keep that glimpse of code available on the screen while continuing to write my code.

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